The latest energy upgrade

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Energy Update: Huge Jumps ~ Lots More Coming…

April 07, 2016

By Lisa Brown, 04/06/2016

Okay loves… we had huge jumps the last couple of nights… we still have lots more coming… yet each jump, the energy of things to “deal” with speed up as timelines collapse…. so GET UP AND MOVE ENERGY in the direction of that which you do desire… StarGate Hops, as I call them, means we are moving from one timeline to the next and any physical world stuff undone/unresolved…. causes you to get caught with your pants down and scrambling….

Sleep disturbances are common with these energies, as much clearing takes place when you sleep. Body movement is a part of timeline clearing, and new reality activations.

Quantum photon(ic)-magnetic light is moving …. and the frequencies are activating to higher frequencies now. We had “heaven clouds” visible, with Sylphs clearing out the old programs/realities behind them….

Today is a huge marker day, as is 4/8, 4/9, 4/11 & 4/15…. yet it’s not about that day, it’s everything that culminates up to that point, what we do, don’t do, how much we’ve cleared, how much peace/love/light that we hold when those marker points arrive…

So, focus on you, your reality and choose the timeline you do desire to experience…. sleep to anchor/integrate where called, utilize nature to connect/balance out magnetics if the nervous system goes into overload and stop old programs in their tracks. Raise your vibration/consciousness and expand out as far as you can intentionally. Come to peace inside and move from there…. or do what it takes to bring peace within you….
We are all moving a whole lot out these days, physically or energetically depends on how much you exist as energy again. Physical re-alignments are a response or occur for you. As MASTERS they are a response to that which we DO/allow/focus energetically. Mastering Energy means you are present, aware, choosing and shifting your vibration to what is appropriate/called for in every second.

Human aspects have a hard time dealing with the speed at which things move…. fast, slow, strong, soft… all over the place sometimes as we process all realities and timelines visible simultaneously. We don’t have the delay of “human thinking” or the barriers between dimensions anymore. WE act with the energies in every moment… it catches humans off-guard, as “processing time” is much different here. It’s hard when they cannot see or understand. It’s our job to open the ability to see, yet when they are not open and don’t want to, It’s harder, for we have to allow them to go experience their own realities their way…. WE have to make the decisions, when it affects our realities….. The more inner-twined our realities, the more each affects the whole. All must stand in their own power, responsibility, reality and do themselves… As each awaken further, roles and responsibilities as a NEW Earth HUman change dramatically. The old programs don’t get to play out anymore…

The frequencies are high with solar winds in the mix…. these create “softness” as you move through realities however is most productive for you!

Love love love and happy Heaven and NEW Earth realities to you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Light Embodiment Guide, Transformational Speaker and Energy Master

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