Next: Clearing and cleansing your environment

Incense wafting in the air, the wind in the trees, the sound of a bell, water trickling from a fountain, all evoke a spirit of peace and harmony. They go a long way to creating the atmosphere you want when you meditate.

It may be a long way from where your home is at the present moment. I suggest you declutter, vacume, clean, tidy, create a sacred space, be it just a favorite chair in a corner, or a room away from the rest of the house, or a spot in the garden, out in nature. Where-ever it is make it your space, with favorite books, crystals, bells, perfume such as essential oils in an oil burner or incense, musical instruments. You can increase the energy by a cleansing with sage incense or a sage stick and cleanse your aura at the same time. Its called smudging. You could use a Tibetan bell and dorje, in the corners of the room or just an ordinary dinner bell whilst asking your guides to assist in uplifting the energies. A candle will help to focus the energies and can be lit when you are ready to meditate. You could also mix a few tablespoons of salt in a cup of water and spray it around the room to dissipate any negative energy.

Put on some relaxing music, take a few deep breaths, and let the worries of the world drop away. Just keep bringing yourself back to concentrating on the breath going in and out, in and out.

I like to put on some Aura-Soma oil which are attuned to the Masters, on my wrists as I meditate. You can waft this through the aura, around your head and down the body before you start. I like to use Kwan Yin and Lao Tsu Quintessence. I also like to hold a quartz crystal in my hand and have another in the middle of the group, if I’m working with other people. I also offer a dish of crystals for others to choose the one they want to work with I cleanse my crystals on the full moon by placing them out in the light of the moon.
This works!!

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