Mother Mary


You are anchoring the light. You are beings of light. The density is leaving you so that you can experience yourselves as being just that. Have love for yourselves. Have appreciation for yourselves. Be kind and gentle with your fellow human beings, as they struggle with this process, depending on where they may be on their own paths. If somebody lashes out at you, forgive them and know that it has very little to do with you, and everything to do with their own personal discomfort.

As you anchor in being kind and loving, accepting, balanced, focused creators, you will be moving the process forward for the entire planet, and for yourselves, like never before. You will always grow and learn and evolve – that is the beauty of being a human being on the planet. But you are moving into calmer, more glorious, more comfortable, more amazing, fun filled, joy filled, love filled days, because that is what you are creating. That is how powerful you are. So we thank you for your consistent and courageous efforts. Take it easy on yourselves, Dear Ones, you’re doing it, you’ve got this and you are all loved beyond measure as you continue to create this brand New Earth.

This is what we wished to share with you today. So while you are in the open meditative state of this channel, we ask you to check in with your bodies in this Now moment. Feel your true BEingness. Feel the guides and helpers, the ascended masters, your ancestors, all coming close in celebration of you, wrapping you up with love and encouragement. They are so proud of all that you have done! They are so amazed that you are one of the ones that are on the planet.

Imagine that you have a heavy backpack on your back. That backpack is filled with all your negative self talk, all your doubts and fears, all the ways that you worry, all your self limiting belief systems. Just ask them to take it off of you. Feel that burden leaving you. Feel the shift in your energy. Feel the deep knowingness that you are exactly where you are meant to be, exactly at the perfect place of your journey. Feel the excitement of how much easier it can be, now that you’ve opened yourself up to that potential, and now that you are so much lighter from not carrying that old stuff.


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