The latest book from author Christine Deacon is a photo and poetry book called Kakadu Dreaming. It relates to the time she worked in Kakadu National Park and features some of the spectacular and unique places, (some are close to the Uranium mine). The poetry explores a spirituality based on a Renewing the Dreaming in a broader context which relates to all Australians. Kakadu Dreaming can be purchased as an ebook or a Softcover edition.

Kakadu Dreaming
Kakadu Dreaming
By Christine A Deacon
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The 9D Arcturian Council Through Daniel Scranton: Channeling Collectives from Higher Dimensions

The 9D Arcturian Council Through Daniel Scranton: Channeling Collectives from Higher Dimensions

June 26, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are interpreting the energies that are coming to us from the higher-dimensional realms in the same way that this channel is interpreting our energy and creating with us these daily transmissions. 

What we have noticed in our channeling is that the collectives in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensions are very interested in seeing how you all are going to continue to expand and evolve there on planet Earth, and they are also expressing how much love and compassion they have for you all, as well as how much they want to help.

You will often ask a collective, or an Archangel, for help, for protection, for a particular manifestation, not even realizing that the help you are asking for is being given to you freely by these higher-dimensional beings, and they are even assisting you in raising your vibration so that you can be a match to what you have been summoning. 

Now is a very good time for all of you to acknowledge the helpers that you have around you at all times. Remember that we are all in this together, and you do not have to earn the right to receive anything from any being in this beautiful universe of ours.

You do need to be open, receptive, and hold a higher vibration in order to actualize what you’ve been summoning in your Earthly life experience, and that is why beings and collectives from all across the universe seek to inform you as to how you can better open up, receive, and raise your vibration to become that conduit for higher frequency energies that you were always meant to be in this lifetime.

The old model, the old story, says that you need to earn your way into the good graces of God, or Source. 

That has never been the case. 

The truth is that engaging in an act of service, being kind to someone else, naturally puts you in a higher-vibrational state. And when you are in a higher-vibrational state, you are then more likely to receive what you have been asking for.

This is the lifetime where you shift from that archaic paradigm to one where you recognize yourselves as co-creators and colleagues with the collectives that exist in the higher dimensions. Now is the time to recognize that you are not separate from them. 

Therefore, these higher-vibrational beings could never forget you, never leave you out, or not notice when you are calling upon them. But again, you need to do the work, and the work we are referring to is not hard labor.

We are talking about meditating, being open and receptive, and putting yourselves into those higher-vibrational states by following your feelings. 

Trust in yourselves and trust in yourselves, and trust in this universe, a universe that wants you to succeed, that wants to see you all getting into those higher-vibrational states and recognizing that you can create anything at all, for yourselves, for your fellow humans, and for all beings and collectives throughout the galaxy and this wondrous universe of ours.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Collective: One is to be Prepared, Not to Panic about the Conditions of Present or Future

The Collective: One is to be Prepared, Not to Panic about the Conditions of Present or Future

June 26, 2022 by 

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by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This week, we speak to another issue that a Light Bearer asked about, one that is troubling many now:

COR: My friends, several people have written in asking about the issue of storing food and other supplies, in case there is a major food shortage, or another lockdown scenario, or civil unrest at some point, later this year or next year.

I feel that these are too often fear-based messages that people pick up in the media, yet I would never say to someone, “Don’t be prepared for an emergency situation,” because you never know what location will be troubled by extreme weather or some other situation that has people buying items like mad. Or a breakdown in the supply chain, which we’re already seeing for some items. 

Strange times we are in! So much Light coming in, yet the upheaval can be a bit much at times.

What is your answer on this issue? 

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends! We are very happy to have this chance to speak with you today. 

As we noted last week, this is indeed a great moment of renewal and rebirth, spurring on a level of upheaval on your planet. An unprecedented moment, in all ways!

This is cause for celebration, and yet on another level, also this is also a time to tap into an inner strength and resilience, such as most prefer to practice only rarely.

Yet it is now, for many around the world, an everyday form of living. 

When one hears that there may be food shortages coming (though one does not need to experience such), or other issues, there is a feeling that one ought to “get ready” for an upcoming time of hardship, 

The storing up of food and other provisions is a very old survival practice which humanity has used for thousands of years, often out of necessity. Storing grain, water, and other long-lasting foods was often a very wise measure, insisted upon by the leaders of a clan, community, or nation, as they knew that even if the weather, crops, or hunting or fishing was in positive form for the moment, this would not always be the case. 

Always your Earth has sought to renew Herself, to turn with the tides of the stars and planets, as your oceans turn with the pull of the moon and change with the seasons.

All is in constant cyclic motion upon the Earth, as it has always been. And so, yes—there is in many still, the pre-ancient desire to store up goods for thinner times. This is quite understandable.

With the emergency situations of the past few years, many have felt the ephemerality and fragility of life far more than usual. They may have lost loved ones to illness, or lost the expected presence of ongoing income, work, home, schooling, or other everyday structures in their life. They are not aware of, or not believing in, the efficacy of calling upon higher dimensional and extra-dimensional resources for help and support. 

Yet you on Earth are surrounded now by billions of ships from throughout this and other galaxies, as the tide now also turns regarding the end of Earth’s ruling factions. 

These persons and their false government structures are being removed now, at a pace at which stability in Earth systems can be maintained. In some cases, some persons are choosing to step down from their positions of false power, to either return to the Light or to attempt to escape that Divine Justice that in truth, they cannot escape.

Though much upheaval and disturbance has been occurring, these are reactions on the part of the outgoing power structure, and not indication of a permanent downhill trajectory for human life.

We would say that there are two perspectives on this issue, and that only one of them is based on a Peaceful and Divinely led vibration. 

What many are experiencing now is not a wise gathering of stores of food, water, and other essentials, but a panic or fear-based reaction to misinformation offered with via fear vibration.  In these cases, what people are doing when they gather stores for future use, is unconsciously paving the energetics of their life for long-term shortages and uncertainty to enter their experience on a deep level. 

We do not blame these persons for reacting to fear-based messages. 

The temptation is great to believe misleading news reports and pseudo-authoritative forms such as blogs, videos, social media messages, and interviews and commentary from self-appointed experts on the future. Yet these messages too often hold the intention to entrain people’s energies into feelings of panic and lack, therefore assisting the departing power structure’s aims of holding the masses in thrall to their messages, and not to a higher reality. 

Yet that higher reality awaits all who make the conscious choice to experience such. In that reality, there are no shortages of any length that disturb, frighten, or harm those who might experience them.

For those who consciously choose to live in expectation of Abundance at all times,, there are no shortages that have any real impact on their lives; these are taken to be an inconvenience, if they occur at all.

These ones have decided that if they do put by canned or frozen foods and other basic supplies, it is not done out of fear or expectation of lack.

It is carried out in a spirit of a celebration of Abundance, of the thought-feeling that “I always have more than is needed at the moment. There is always a beautiful flow of Abundance in my life!”

This is similar to viewing savings accounts as a affirmation of the flow of Abundance. Not as a rescue operation in times of emergency, but as an affirmation that you always have an overflow of Abundance in your life.

The one who views their savings as being “for emergencies” is unconsciously expecting and in a way, planning an emergency in that moment, as part of them will understandably always desire to use that money for one reason or another. 

Now clearly, if one quite calmly ensures that they have a first-aid kit, flashlights with active batteries, and some nonperishable food, blankets, and water stored—this does not invite emergency, as it is done dispassionately, and not out of fear. This sort of action draws on the common belief that, like the kings and clan leaders of old, this is a simply a wise measure to take, in case these things are ever needed.

One puts them by to be prepared, not to panic about the conditions of present or future.

Extra food stores can be viewed in the same way, yet we would consider them more to be affirmations of Abundance than anything else—not a fear-based plan for facing a presumed future of panic and lack. In the same way, a wise person eats as healthfully as they can, exercises often, and takes vitamins and supplements as needed, to support their health. The higher choice being not to do these things out of fear of illness, but from a love of good health and all its benefits. 

We would say, that in this time of ongoing misinformation meant to confuse, misinform, frighten, and control the minds of humanity, that it is vital that you protect yourselves from the density of dark intentions and their many outlets. 

Steep yourselves in positive messages, in life-affirming supports, and in frequent breaks from the onslaught of screen images and projections about “what is coming,” whether internet or television, or any other outlet. We understand that the lure of these messages is powerful.

Those who create the “alternative news” sources are aware of what words and phrases to use, what level of urgency to include, and what tone to take vibrationally to entrain their audience in low frequencies that trigger very old subconscious fears, often ones that relate to disaster scenarios experienced in this and other lives.

We encourage you to become highly conscious of what is happening on these television and radio shows, films, videos, posts, and articles.

Do what you can to realize that these are not your true authorities, in the greater sense, and that the only true authority in your life, if you need one, is your own higher self, and Divine Love itself.

No presence of a higher vibration wishes for you to live in fear, to expect calamity, or to feel nervous about potential futures.

And so we would say, most assuredly, have added items on hand if you wish—yet do so to confirm that you are constantly watched over, blessed, guided, and assisted at all times.

You are never alone, dear ones! That could never be. More assistance appears now, and of a greater magnitude, than you can even yet grasp, though soon enough, you will see it with your own eyes.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.


Galactic Wisdom : Star Navigation 101 and the Lions Gate

Galactic Wisdom : Star Navigation 101 and the Lions Gate

June 26, 2022 by 

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by Celia Fenn

As we enter Cancer Season and head towards the Lions Gate, there is so much happening on the Galactic levels. The Royal Star Lions have become much more active and are teaching us the “skills” of Galactic Navigation that we will need for the Lions Gate, where we will make a massive “leap” forward.

Star Navigation is an ancient skill where the Shaman, or Priestess/Priest would hold a specific consciousness to guide the Earth’s path in a certain direction. At the Lions Gate we are called to hold our Consciousness at a high frequency so that we can guide the Earth into a higher frequency at her next cycle. Together we are creating a Grid of Light that will lift Consciousness on the Earth through the Gate and into the next cycle of Creation and Manifestation.

To do this we need to keep our focus in the Heart and on Love, Compassion and Peace. We cannot be distracted by any of the issues of the descending old earth which are creating anger and fear. We are needed to hold steady and help to create the big leap forward!

As we prepare for this transit, we are also experiencing the physical effects of this alignment into our role as Star Navigators. There is what Archangel Michael calls a “triangulation” going on between the Galactic Center and the Pineal and Pituitary Glands, and between the Pituitary and Pineal and the Thymus Gland (High Heart). This creates an etheric octahedron which functions in the navigation process.

This powerful process has created physical symptoms of clearing and expansion in the Head/Sinus and Ears. Especially the ears, since as you may know the “Galactic Antenna” are in the Inner Ears in a bone structure that looks like the Galactic spiral. You may be experiencing blocked ears or intense ringing in the ears, or blocked sinuses as these parts of the body are cleared and aligned.

There may also be Heart Center issues with intense feelings flooding the heart as the High Heart is activated. You may feel “all over the place” as you align as a Navigator. BUT…the idea is to be able to hold your center and hold your pattern of Peace and Love, knowing that you are holding for the Earth.

The Sirian Star Teachers taught that the Earth was like a boat, which they called the “Boat of Millions of Years” that traversed the Cosmos. The Gods/Neters were the Navigators. Now, in the New Earth, we have become the Navigators as we assume responsibility for our course!

So, this is a time to be awake and aware and to focus on holding balance so that the “boat” can move smoothly on the flow and not pitching up and down and making us dizzy!

The 3rd image here shows a triangular Tachyon pendent in deep Indigo that I was guided to wear to assist this process. It has both triangular shapes and helps to move the energy to zero point and then into the octahedron.

Have a good week everyone!


Deep Cleansing with Archangels Gabriel and Christiel

Deep Cleansing with Archangels Gabriel and Christiel

June 26, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

Immense work is being done on our sacral, base, navel, solar plexus chakras since the solstice.
Much of the ancient trauma, pain, fears, etc. which are deeply subconscious are surfacing in order to be released now.
It is time to deep cleanse these areas.

Archangel Gabriel is working intensely with the base, sacral and navel chakras now, and the White Flame of purification and ascension and you may call on him to assist you, with his pure white energy. The 9th dimensional unicorns and white flame dragons work with Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel is immensely involved with his angels and dragons to help us so that we can experience higher Love, transcendental love in all expressions and forms, and thus step into the fullness of our soul mastery.

Archangel Christiel who works with the Causal chakra is lighting in the Higher aspects of the Divine Feminine and the feminine wisdom of your soul, Christ consciousness and this connects directly to the higher Heart, activating the highest unconditional love. It anchors in the angelic connection. This radiates then through the Heart Center.

Archangel Gabriel works with Archangel Christiel to bring balance, healing and higher transcendental Love, unity, harmony.

Archangel Uriel works with the solar plexus and he can assist you with the clearing here.The solar plexus works like a huge psychic pump. This Archangel with the higher realms releasing negative cords and attachments and clearing this area with cosmic light so that we are freed. He brings peace and unity. He makes us aware of our own energy fields and how it impacts on others.

When we stand in our mastery outside forces and energies cannot influence us anymore.

These areas are where we are most attached to old programming and negative cords, attachments, fears, insecurities, survival issues, shame and blame syndrome, victim mentality emotional charges, persecution syndromes carried over from previous lifetimes, subconscious programming etc.

This is the time of the great releasing of the lower body as we ascend into the new Lightbody.

Releasing brings a wider opening of all 12 chakras etc.

All is intensifying as all is now ascending at accelerated speed.

The Higher Heart centers are activating with the Higher Powers of the upper chakras, with the spine.


Jesus Through John: Your Awakening is Imminent

Jesus Through John: Your Awakening is Imminent

June 26, 2022 by 

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by John Smallman

You are to awaken into the Brilliance that is M/F/G infinitely loving Itself.Audio Player



We are One, there is only One, and yet the One constantly manifests Itself – the power and energy that is the One – in myriad uncountable numbers of sentient beings as expressions of Love.

All of us, all life, all consciousness, all awareness, all sentient beings are aspects of and permanently at one with the One.  There is NO SEPARATION, and there never could be because the One is ALL, constantly and eternally Present, just wholeheartedly LOVING!

Life and Love are your eternal state of existence, it is just that as humans in form, enveloped in a brief dream or, perhaps, a nightmare, you are asleep to and unaware of Reality.  That is changing very rapidly, as the human collective stirs in its sleep prior to awakening into the glory of just BEING!

Being is pure awareness, fully aware of All without interruption or distraction.  It is knowing Itself and All of creation intimately – persistently, perpetually, ceaselessly – because that is infinite awareness, the constant flowing and flowering of Love caring for and extending Itself in all-embracing joyous acceptance of the magnificence and brilliance that It is.M/F/G, Love, Source, All, Being, is One in an infinite, essential, and indispensable state of Beingness, forever expanding the awareness and consciousness that is All that exists.

Every sentient, conscious, and aware being is eternally connected and interwoven into what many call God. It is the infinite creative expression from which they all extend, mix, and interact for the total and complete joyful bliss that is All that is.

There, in that Oneness, there is only and eternally infinite vivacity, exhilaration, delectation, refreshment, wonder, rejoicing, and exultation – joy and bliss completely beyond your ability as humans in form to even conceive of.And that is what you are to awaken into, the Brilliance that is M/F/G infinitely loving Itself – ALL – in the most magnificent state of harmony and cooperation for the utter joy of every sentient and aware being.

The delight with which you will all participate in this most glorious celebration of the collective awakening will be stupendous, utterly mind-blowing – infinite joy which is absolutely way beyond infinite!

As the moment approaches, and despite the daily distractions of present day politics, conflicts, and weather extremes, make sure to set and reset your intent to be only loving whatever may arise throughout the day.

Doing this is not only enormously important, it is indeed essential.  You chose to be in human form at this amazing now moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution in order to assist most powerfully in the awakening process.

Although the vast majority of you get practically no feedback on the effectiveness of your loving intentions, I can assure you that you are having a most powerful effect.

Nothing is superfluous because with God every living being – regardless of the value or lack of value that humans may perceive it as having – has been most divinely and lovingly created in order that it may experience and express itself with complete freedom and to delight in doing so, thus delighting God and moving your collective awakening process purposefully forwards.

And your awakening is imminent.

As you continue with your daily lives during this time of enormous change, know that you are blessed and beautifully cared for by M/F/G in every moment.  Trust and live lovingly, for that is what you chose to do by incarnating as humans at this time of great, in fact momentous significance for the human collective.

There are no accidents!

You are all here by your own generous and most loving choice to participate and assist in this momentous adventure, this leap into joy.  Continue therefore to go deep within yourselves daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and invite Love in to show you your worthiness and to encourage you yet again, because just by being present as humans in this moment, and each following moment, you are all bringing the awakening to its most magnificent completion.

You can have no idea of how dearly M/F/G loves and honors you for your stalwart work in bringing the awakening process to its most glorious fruition.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


On the Edge of Tomorrow…

On the Edge of Tomorrow…

June 25, 2022 by 

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How fortunate are we to be here on Earth at this most amazing period in cosmic happenings? Sure, our bodies may be feeling a bit used up because of the energetics of all that’s going on, but we’re managing to hold steady. Our growing ability to access the innate knowing about who we are and why we’re here is what allows us to weather whatever transitions and activations are taking place.

It’s actually an honor and a privilege, but it’s only when the storyline gets good that we might really start to feel that.  The geo-political situation is heating up, specifically in the U.S.

June 24th was a big day in that the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision reversing the landmark case, Roe v Wade, thereby allowing each state to decide how to view and regulate abortion. Clearly, this is a major hit to team dark. No need to go into all the reasons why. We know enough about what they do to not give it any more attention.

Is it coincidental that four planets in our solar system lined up nicely on the 24th?

Another very lovely and wonderful thing about June 24, 2022 is that our Q friends, 1,700 days after the very first drop, started posting again. I personally feel, after doing my research, that it’s the one and only real deal. I posted a great meme stream about it on my Buy Me a Coffee site.

If you don’t already have a bookmark to Q posts ~

It’s super encouraging that these things are happening. What follows is a transcribed excerpt from a video by Phil Godlewski* about SCOTUS activity this past week.

“A VERY interesting thing happened today [June 24]. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court was supposed to have opinion on Thursday, which was yesterday. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court added another opinion day which was today, Friday. And of course, that was the opinion that was rendered today (Reversing Roe v Wade).

They then announce, after they added Friday to the schedule, that there would be a 3-month vacation for the Supreme Court. They wouldn’t be hearing any other cases or issue any other opinions after today, June 24th. That was announced earlier this week. So we saw that as, ‘oooo, why did they add another opinion day and then they say they are going away….!?’

Today, they added another opinion day. Monday the 27th.”

How interesting!  It would be difficult for me to not see this day as a potential for handing down a decision that overturns the 2020 presidential  election.  If the SCOTUS was cleared to do the three very significant opinions handed down this past week, all literally opposed to team dark’s plans…

…Might we see a deposing of the poser playing president as early as Monday?  A girl can hope.

Actually, it’s a lot more than hope.  Melania posted on the 22nd ~

Dare we think that the dominoes have been tipped, and that we now witness the rapid dissolution  of the old and an exquisite rushing influx of Lighted Cosmic Energy and Upgrades?  We do!  We can toss that lovely pebble into the Quantum field with all our Love.

Make it so…

*Phil Godlewski ~ Roe v Wade Has Been Overturned

Rumble replay: (1:18:26 length)


Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ If You’re Yearning for an Ex…

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ If You’re Yearning for an Ex…

June 25, 2022 by 

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June 24, 2022,

If you find yourself yearning for a previous relationship, it is not necessarily a sign that you are meant to go back. The relationship ended for a reason, and those energies are expired. What you are really missing are the elements that did work for you in that relationship.

It is feedback for you to know what to look for in your next partner without the things that didn’t work. Simply put, your soul is giving you a “Yes” for the elements that did work, and a “No” to the ones that did not. This is to give you clarity to help you discover your next highest match. Many people misunderstand this and try to go back into the relationship, only to find out that it still does not work.

Your soul is always trying to move you forward into the perfect matches for you. Many times you get caught up in the idea that you can only find the traits you enjoyed in that relationship in one place, but the fact is your old partner was likely a near match and your soul is trying to lead you to the true match, the relationship that holds what you enjoyed without whatever issues made that previous relationship unsustainable.

Have you considered that you could find an even better relationship than the old one that contains all of the joy and none of the angst? Open your heart and your mind that you can have it all, Dear Ones, and you will make that a true possibility which will allow yourself to align with the match that is truly meant for you. From that space, if your ex is truly meant for you, they will show up in a more evolved version of themselves that makes the relationship a viable match for you again.


The 9D Arcturian Council Through Daniel Scranton: A New Nonphysical Collective, You & the Newly Awake

June 25, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very aware of how many human beings are waking up there on Earth all the time, and we are very comfortable saying that the impact of the newly awakened will be felt by the rest of you very shortly, because you are all connected. 

You are all contributing to the human collective consciousness, of which you are a part, and when more and more people awaken, they affect the overall vibration of the collective consciousness, just as you have been. 

Those of you who have been awake for quite some time have made a tremendous impact, and so, you can imagine the enormity of the impact that is being made right now by all of the humans who are newly awake.

This means you can expect things to get easier for you as members of the Awakened Collective, and you can also expect to have more friends and colleagues, more people who you will resonate with in terms of your spirituality. 

It is time for you all to start coming together more within the Awakened Collective. It is time for you to be working together, even if you have different beliefs about what is happening and what’s going to happen. 

Even if you have different approaches to how to help humankind, you are still on the same team. You are still very much interested in the ascension of the human collective consciousness, no matter what your beliefs are.

And those who are newly awake, could really use a unified Awakened Collective to guide them. 

We here in the nonphysical have different perspectives, and we see those different perspectives as strength; there is strength in variety. We have different approaches to how to help humankind, and we learn by witnessing the approaches of the Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans, and Andromedans, to name a few. We come together, and we share experiences with each other, as nonphysical collectives, and we know that we are more powerful when we are working together with that common goal of helping humanity to ascend.

We want you to feel the same way when it comes to all of your fellow humans who are awake, and we want you to know that your journey will not be about convincing the newly awakened that your beliefs are right. 

You will be there to support them emotionally and to provide them with wisdom, the wisdom of your experience. You will be able to calm them when they are freaking out about something they’ve experienced. 

But again, you must give them the opportunity to experience their beliefs in action so that they can learn from the end results of what they are doing, saying, and putting out to the universe. 

We will continue to team up with nonphysical collectives, and we will continue to find common ground with them, so that we can be of greatest service to all of you.

We understand how powerful we are when we are united, and we understand how powerful you are when you are united, and we are excited to see you uniting with the newly-awakened humans there who will be seeking you out as teachers, healers, guides, channelers, and beings of compassion who can listen and who can understand what it is they are going through. 

You have so much to do together there on Earth and so much that you have yet to receive from this Nonphysical Collective that we are so excited to be a part of. 

We will, of course, continue to work with you from our perspectives as well as The Arcturian Council, but we know that we benefit from all of the other councils and collectives up here in the higher realms, and we are very excited to see what we can cook up together as we continue to unite in our purpose to serve humanity.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The 9D Arcturian Council Through Daniel Scranton: Access Your 5D Self & the 5D Earth Right Now

The 9D Arcturian Council Through Daniel Scranton: Access Your 5D Self & the 5D Earth Right Now

June 24, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very elated to see you all working with the solstice energies and opening up to your spiritual gifts and abilities, and we want you to know that as you continue on in this journey of expansion and ascension, you will find that you do not have to wait until the shift in consciousness is complete to access that which you think of as fifth dimensional. 

You can tune in right now to what you want to experience as a fifth-dimensional being. 

You can tune in to your light body right now. 

You can focus on the 5D Earth right now, and bring certain aspects of it into your reality. 

This shift in consciousness is not just something to wait around for, but rather, it is something to aspire to in the here and now.

To know that you have a fifth-dimensional consciousness available to you and to not use it is very sad when you think about it. 

When you think about what’s available to you, and what you allow yourself to access, which is much less than that, you can start to feel like you’ve got your work cut out for you, but you could also feel hope and inner peace. 

Knowing that it’s all available to you right now could send you into a state of ecstasy. 

There’s no need to feel ashamed or guilty about not having accessed all that is within you yet, but occasionally you will need beings and collectives like ourselves to come along and nudge you, and even light a fire under you to say, ‘This is possible right now. So what are you waiting for?’

The solstice energies are nudging you in the direction of accessing your gifts, and now we are nudging you in the direction of knowing yourself as a fifth-dimensional being right now, which means allowing the highest level of consciousness you have access to in the now to be the level of consciousness that you hold. 

Many people there on Earth have already experienced miracles. 

They’ve experienced moments where they understood that they were one with everything in the universe. 

They’ve had moments of enlightenment, nirvana, such profound inner peace, that they just want to share that with the rest of the world. 

That’s what you are there to do, and that’s why we keep directing you back inside of yourselves.

We invite you to experience that which is available to you right now, when you focus and when you feel for all that is inside of you in the now moment. 

We invite you to spread that around with joy, because others need to be inspired and activated by you, just as you get inspired and activated by us. 

This is what we mean when we call you the ground crew, and if you’ve ever heard us refer to the Awakened Collective, we just want to assure you that you are a part of that group as well. 

Demonstrate to yourselves what is possible right now, and you will share that with others, because it will be impossible not to. 

Now is the time, and you are ready. 

The long wait is over. 

Go within and access your 5D self, and you will be very glad that you did.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”